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Our Khums Ijaza

Our Campaign is to reach out and extend helping hands to the most deserving and devastating families affected badly by recent rain, flooding, loss of livelihood, animals, and houses. In our efforts, we are reaching out to families from Thatta to Larkana to Shikarpur to Jacobabad, to Dera Murad Jamali in Baluchistan, and many many more. We started our work with four phases to serve the best and be able to save lives.

  • Providing prepared meals and medicine: Most important need is to provide meals as these families have lost everything that they had in their possession.  These folks are hanging out in groups by the street, looking for food and water. We started providing meals to thousands of people every day. Additionally, we arranged to set up medical camps at different places to provide free medical services and medicines.
  • Ration distribution (Dry grocery) – In our 2nd phase, we are preparing to provide rations to families who are able to go back to their places.  These might take a few days as we plan to distribute rations to thousands of families throughout Sindh and Baluchistan.
  • Provide clothing, bedding, shoes, etc –  Our 3rd phase includes shipping out a container of used clothing for these families.  The first container would leave from Dallas, Texas.  Momineen living in other cities can ship their boxes of used clothes to 2004 Brandiles Dr., The Colony, TX 75056.  The distribution would inshallah include used clothing along with some new clothes that we would purchase locally in Pakistan.
  • Rebuilding – Our final phase consists of two layers; one with small temporary help for folks to enable to buy tin sheets for roofing and rebuilding walls.  These should cost us around $200 per family.  Our second layer would be a more permanent solution to include building one room/bath hut for the most deserving families.  The cost to build these houses is about $1,500.  Both Khums Sehm-e-Imam and Sehm-e-Sadaat may be used for these houses Inshallah, we will update this information as we go.  Kindly feel free to address your question and suggestion to info@saviourusa.org or text to (972) 408-5052.

The recent stormy rains and floods have caused a lot of destruction in Sindh and Baluchistan, due to which people have lost their homes, and are forced to live under the open sky. These people have lost all their livelihood and livestock. This situation becomes incumbent on us to do whatever possible to help them rehabilitate.  We have suggested, and plan to build tear guarder houses that will have a 15×15 room with a couple of windows, a door, and electric hookups with light and fan.  Additionally, these will have an outside bathroom of 4×4.  Our priority would be for a family with young girls, and or families with small children.  We think by providing them with a place of their own, they will be able to make their own livings, inshallah. These houses would be built at a cost of $1500, and initially we plan to build 100 houses.

Fast approaching cold weather and our efforts to help:

As we get changes in weather in flood-ridden areas, we are trying our best to do whatever possible to help these people.  In addition to eight containers that momineen donated from the US with used clothing, we are shipping new used sweaters, jackets, blankets, and comforters.  We have over 5,000 sweaters ready to ship in the next couple of days.  We also have over 2,000 new comforters getting prepared for distribution.  Not to mention, the initial supply of 5,000 new shalwar and shirts being prepared at various factories in Karachi.

Our used clothing, a joint project in collaboration with other Islamic Centers in the US

for Sindh and Baluchistan

  • Islamic Education Center (IEC) Houston (832) 682-9049
  • Al Murtaza Imambargah Houston  (832) 860-6005
  • Islamic Ahlul Bayt Assosciation (IABA) Austin (512) 363-0738
  • Saviour, USA – (469) 733-3304
  • City of Knowledge, The Colony- Br. Akbar (214) 536-8055
  • East Plano Islamic Center (EPIC) 310-895-3313
  • Medina Institute, Little Rock (501) 993-7444 
  • Jafaria Islamic Society, Anaheim, CA (714) 290-1018
  • Bab-Ul-Ilm Islamic Center Maywood, CA (213) 909-6972
  • Frisco Masjid (469) 252-4532
  • Islamic Center of Irving (ICI) (214) 400-9896
  • Institute of Islamic Learning (IILM) 214-799-3193
  • Al-Khoei Islamic Center (516) 667-7741 (214) 536-8055
  • Al-Hadi School – Houston (832) 875-6488
  • Zainabia Islamic Society, Pomona, CA (909) 732-5685
  • Shia Ithnaasheri Islamic (SIJLA) Pico Rivers, CA (714) 724-2692
  • Islamic Center of Nassau (ICON) (516) 400-2790
  • Idara Jafferia, Maryland 

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Volunteers & Contributors

Families supported

What are we doing?

We been working with various organizaion including Shaheed Foundation, Pakistan to support the families wiht a monthly support fund to enable them to cope with day to day living expenses.  Additional resources are made available such as medical, housing and education assistance.

families of martyrs

Hundred of thousands of families affected by State sponsored & Sectarian killings.  These people were martyred only for the love of Ahlul Bait a.s. 

About Our Foundation


Supporting hundreds of families every month with monthly support, medical, educational & wedding support

OrphanS              my children

Taking care of Orphans of Shohada and others and providing them with resources to grow and succecced

free housing for sadaat

We build houses for the deserving Sadaat in Karachi.  A low cost housing project to housed the homeless.

Clean Drinking water

Digging water wells in the deserts of THAR, water pumps in Dadu, Filtration plants in schools and clinics.

We have the power to impact our future, and we’re doing something about it.

With a network of volunteer organization, Saviour is being instrumental in supporting various projects through out Pakistan, India and Iraq.  Registered as Not for Profit 501C3 organization, Saviour has Zer0% admin. cost.  Your donation is fully utilized for the purpose it is meant for.

Your continued support for the families of martyrs and the widows and orphans are crucial for the support level being provided by Saviour. Our Micro financing projects enable the families to be self dependent and become the healthy elements in society.


Families of Martyrs

Our responsibilites towards the families of martyrs

My Orphan

Taking care of most vulnerables, The Orphans.

Free Housing

For deserving Sadaat families in Karachi and areas around.


Investing in our youths & institutions.

Clean Water

Drilling down well to hand pumps to filteration plants.

Water is essential


Digging & Drilling from the Desserts of Thar to Plains of Baluchistan


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$84,032 Raised

Low cost homes for deserving Sadaat families on a 60 yards lot built with two rooms, kitchen, bath, courtyard & amenities such as lights, fans, water tank, & boring. These are gifted to deserving families of sadaat after vigorous screening.  Initially, we built these in Malir near Jaffar Tayyar, now we are building these on superhighway.  Your Khums sadaat portion may be used for this project. 

Homes for homeless Sadaat

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The parable of those who spend their substance in the way of God is that of  a grain of corn: it groweth seven ears, and each ear hath a hundred grains. God giveth menifold increase to whom He pleaseth: And God careth for all and He knoweth all things”


Our Partners & Sponsors

  • I.M.A.M.
  • Al Khoei
  • Abuzar Trust
  • Khadija Academy
  • Al Asr Foundation
  • Al-Mansoor Corp.
  • Al Mustafa Welfare
  • Al- Abbas 
  • Al Anwar Al Najafia
  • Al Balagh Organization
  • Asgharia Education
  • Bilal Mission
  • Citizen Social Welfare
  • Friends of Education
  • Hope for rise
  • Hussaini Foundation
  • Indus sRural Devlopment
  • Islamic Alliance
  • Al Saba Islamic
  • Masoomeen Welfare 
  • Pak Medical & trust
  • Shifa internation hospital
  • Step forward Welfare
  • IZA Hospital

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