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As a trusted charitable organigation working from early 2001, Saviour USA is a Texas based 501(C)3 organization with a group of like minded people dedicated to support  under privilaged families in US and around the world. 

For past eighteen plus years Saviour USA is instrumental in supporting families of martyrs, widows, orphan and other needy families in Pakistan, India and Iraq



What We Do

Families of martyrs

Alhamdollilah, momineen from US and Canada are  supporting hundreds of families of martyrs with monthly support.

My Orphan

From the residents of Al Mustafa to Chakri cadet college in Pakistan to Al Abbas in India, We are always there to help.  


A way forward.  Emphasising on individuals and investing in institution to bring in results and change.

Clean drinking water

Digging in for waterwells, to installation of hand pumps, to filteration and RO plans.

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

A water well in Thar provides basic source of water for hundreds of residents, and people living around the village. An educational video to learn how the wells work.


All Current Campaigns

Our Mission & Approach

Our guiding principals:

  • Support for families, enabling and providing resources.
  • Invest in individual programs such as educational assistance, scholarships, grants etc.
  • Enriching lives and enabling families to grow with micro finance project.
  • Empowering communities by investing in schools, colleges, orphanages, clinics, hospitals and other projects to benefit communities.

Our projects in coming years:

  • Opening an Orphanage for girls from Parachinar, Muzafarabad and other areas.
  • Construction of Orphanage for boys and girls in the suburb of Islamabad.
  • Construction of Seconday School in Islamabad.
  • Ration and meat distribution to hundreds of families every month.
  • Wedding dress collection & distribution.
  • Used clothing containeer for deserving families. 

Dollars Raised

We are humbled, blessed & trusted with a huge responsibility to use the funding per designations


No project is to get anywhere without our volunteers


We thank momineen from all across US and Canada for their generous support

People served

From financial help to ration distribution to Qurbani meat distribution

Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact


  • Campaigns 82% 82%
  • General & Admin. 5% 5%
  • Management 0% 0%
  • Organization Growth 33% 33%


  • Campaigns 74% 74%
  • General & Admin 4% 4%
  • Management 0% 0%
  • Organization Growth 28% 28%


  • Campaigns 84% 84%
  • General & Admin. 3.5% 3.5%
  • Management .5% .5%
  • Organization Growth 14% 14%


  • Campaigns 80% 80%
  • General & Admin 4.5% 4.5%
  • Management .5% .5%
  • Organization Growth 15% 15%

A Letter from the Board

In early 2001 at Islamic Center of MOMIN, a group of individuals organized a fund raising luncheon to raise money to support ten (10) families with a monthly support of $60 per family.  At that time Shaheed Foundation were supporting sixty (60) families. 

As the State sponsored sectarian violance increased resulting in hundreds of families became dependent on momineen support, We initiated and registered SAVIOUR, USA with an objective to support the famiies of martyrs.  Over the time we expended our reach to include orphans and other needy families. 

Today, Saviour helps hundred of families of martyrs, widows, orphans and reaching out to hundred of thousands of families throug program such as ration distribution, Qurbani and sadka meat distribution and assistance at time of emergencies such as rain and flooding.  Another of it pilot project includes collecting and distributing used clothing to the families back home.

At Saviour, we have always believed in making an impact on lives.  We always evaluate our projects and reach outs to measure effectiveness and changes in the lives of individuals and families.  We are humble and passonate about the causes that we work with,  and do thank each and every one for supporting and volunteering for our causes. Together, we can make a big impact and bring in changes to the lives of millions.  


M. Dhanjy

Mukhtar Dhanjy, Volunteer

Our Partners & Sponsors

  • I.M.A.M.
  • Al Khoei
  • Abuzar Trust
  • Khadija Academy
  • Al Asr Foundation
  • Al-Mansoor Corp.
  • Al Mustafa Welfare
  • Al- Abbas 
  • Al Anwar Al Najafia
  • Al Balagh Organization
  • Asgharia Education
  • Bilal Mission
  • Citizen Social Welfare
  • Friends of Education
  • Hope for rise
  • Hussaini Foundation
  • Indus sRural Devlopment
  • Islamic Alliance
  • Al Saba Islamic
  • Masoomeen Welfare 
  • Pak Medical & trust
  • Shifa internation hospital
  • Step forward Welfare
  • IZA Hospital

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