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Building an orphanage exclusively for girls


A guideline to various funds, their purpose and use:


Martyrs family support

These are the amount we raise to support families of martyrs in Pakistan.  Most of the funds get designated to Shaheed Foundation, Pakistan.  Currently, we are supporting hundreds of families every month.

Orphans "My Children"

This fund supports the orphans in India, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Currently, for Orphans in Pakistan we manage Al Mustafa homes in Islamabad.  In addition, we have orphans from Parachinar attend the Chakri Cadet College in the suburb of Islamabad.  Moreover, we work with other orphanages to provide them eid gifts, computer labs and many other supports.  We are also in the process of building a girls only orphanage, also in Islamabad.

Khums - Sadaat & Sehm-e-Imam

Alhamdollilah, we have ijaza from all major maraj’ee karam to accept and use khums for our projects.  We split 50/50 for sehm-e-Imam and utilize 100% of Sehm-e-Sadat for deserving sadaat families fullfilling shar’ee conditions.

SADKA (General, Imam, Goat)

The amount of sadka we collect goes to poor needy and deserving families, ration distribution and emergency assistance to famiies at times of need such as flooding, rain etc.  The amount for Sadka Imam goes for religious/propagation causes such as supporting studens specially those studying in hooza, communtiy projects to benefits poor and deserving families.  Sadka goat, we can either have a goat sacrify and distribute meat among poors or use the meat to cook meal and offer to poors.  This happens in Karachi and Najaf, Iraq.

Clean water project

We use the funds to install filtration & RO plants for schools and clinics, install hand water pumps in areas such as Dadu, and digin water wells in the desserts of THAR.


Most families back home can’t purchase meat and Qurbani is the only source for them to get meat to their children.  We make this possible by collecting for qurbani in US and performing Qurbani in Niyyiabat in various parts of Pakistan from Karachi to Parachinaar to distribute meat among poor momineen.

Quran recitation for Eisal

For the Eisal Thawab to your murhomeen, a family would recite the entire Quran for the eisal of your muhoomen.  Hadyia is only $60

Wedding support

We pay for the basic wedding expenses of deserving families including families of martyrs and sadaat.  We arrange for required gifts including kitchen items, waster, bedding, bridal clothing etc and arrange and pay for vanue and food.  

Qada Namaz & Roda

Through our network of Ulemas, we arrange for individual students to offer Qada Umri under the supervision of an Aleem.  Usually for a year of namaz the hadyia is $250 and for fast it is $150.  Again it varies from place to place as a student doing qada in Najaf may cost more due to currency rates.

Kaffarah & Fidyah

These are being use to either feed the needy shia and or buying them grains for their consumption. Feeding a poor costs us $1.50 and we use same amount to purchase grains when needed.

Micro finance

Empowering individuals and familes requires funding for those who are capable of running their own business.  These includes assistance with rickshaw purchase, Uber, Sewing machine, Thela, and many others.

Housing for Sadaat

Gift them a house to call their own.  We build low cost houses in Malir and on Super highway to house the homeless deserving sadaat families.  Momineen do also use their khums sadaat to pay for one of these houses.  These are built with a cost of $9,000 and the house includes two rooms, courtyear, batch and kitchen.  It also includes electric wiring, fans, propane and water boring.

Zakat & Fitra

These are given to deserving shia momineen following the conditions prescribed for distribution of fitra and Zakat.

Eid Gifts for Orphan children

As we arrange to purchase eid gifts for our children, we do remember those who do not have anyone to buy them new clothes for eid.  These are arranged at various orphanages in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Texila, Muzzafarabad, and Parachinaar.

What We Do

Martyrs Families

 Momineen from US and Canada are  supporting hundreds of families of martyrs with monthly support.

My Orphan

From the residents of Al Mustafa to Chakri cadet college in Pakistan to Al Abbas in India, We are always there to help.  


A way forward.  Emphasising on individuals and investing in institution to bring in results.

Clean water

Digging in for waterwells, to installation of hand pumps, to filteration and RO plans.

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

A water well in Thar provides basic source of water for hundreds of residents, living around the village. An educational video to learn how the wells work.

All Current Campaigns

Our Partners & Sponsors

  • I.M.A.M.
  • Al Khoei
  • Abuzar Trust
  • Khadija Academy
  • Al Asr Foundation
  • Al-Mansoor Corp.
  • Al Mustafa Welfare
  • Al- Abbas 
  • Al Anwar Al Najafia
  • Al Balagh Organization
  • Asgharia Education
  • Bilal Mission
  • Citizen Social Welfare
  • Friends of Education
  • Hope for rise
  • Hussaini Foundation
  • Indus sRural Devlopment
  • Islamic Alliance
  • Al Saba Islamic
  • Masoomeen Welfare 
  • Pak Medical & trust
  • Shifa internation hospital
  • Step forward Welfare
  • IZA Hospital

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