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How many people do you impact with your Charitable work?

We are humbled to have reached hundred of thousands of momineen with our micro projects.  Our donors include a few years old to our elder through out US

If I make a donation, Can I decide what my money is to use for?

Absolutely. With Saviour, you spell out exactly how you wish us to use your donation.  It will only be used for specific purpose in its entirety.  We do not generalize your donation.

Who are your donors?

Alhamdollilah our vision for Saviour USA is to provide each individual in US and Canada the opportunity to pay their mandaatory and voluntary religious obligation including Sadka, Khums, Zakat, Kaffarach, Fitra and many more.  Our donor includes momineen from US and Canada.

How may we sponsor an Orphan

Specifically, we have three options avaialable. 

  • Sponsor an Orphan for Cadet College
  • Sporsor an Orphan for Orphanage
  • General expenses for Orpan
Can we sponsor a Shaheed family?

A family may be sponsored for a monthly donation of $100.  The families of shohada are being helped through Shaheed Foundation and other organization working for martyrs families

How are our records being maintained

We have computerized records full secured data base of all our past performance.  OUr accounts are reviewed periodically, and we provide any of our donors record of our activities.

Do we have Ijaza to collect khums?

Alhamdollilah, we are blessed to have Ijaza from all major Maraj’ee karam to collect khums and use the proceddings for our projects.  A copy of the Ijaza from Ayatullah Sistani may be view from our hom page.

Do we file tax returns with IRS?

We file long form 990 with IRS every years.  A copy may be viewed at IRS web site or be requested to us.

How do we use Sadaat portion of Khums?

Our primary focus for any Khums spending is to follow closely the conditions specified for disbursement of khums.  These include the need of individuals or families,  their  following for basic principals including hijab and beard, and if they are engaged in  committing any major sins.

Who are the recipients of our khums sadaat?

Providing homes for deserving Sadaats is one of our signature project.  In addition, Khums Sadaat are being used for Sadaat Orphans, Providing Ration, financial support including education and marriages

Our Partners & Sponsors

  • I.M.A.M.
  • Al Khoei
  • Abuzar Trust
  • Khadija Academy
  • Al Asr Foundation
  • Al-Mansoor Corp.
  • Al Mustafa Welfare
  • Al- Abbas 
  • Al Anwar Al Najafia
  • Al Balagh Organization
  • Asgharia Education
  • Bilal Mission
  • Citizen Social Welfare
  • Friends of Education
  • Hope for rise
  • Hussaini Foundation
  • Indus sRural Devlopment
  • Islamic Alliance
  • Al Saba Islamic
  • Masoomeen Welfare 
  • Pak Medical & trust
  • Shifa internation hospital
  • Step forward Welfare
  • IZA Hospital

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