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Building Homes


For Sadaat and Non Sadaat Families

These houses are being built in Malir, Karachi and will be given to empower families that can show us visible change in their lives. Apartments are one and two bedrooms, new construction in Burhani Garden, and other locations close by.  These are also close to Imambargah, masajid, and a TCF school nearby.

Khums Ijaza

Alhamdulillah, we are blessed to be working on Free housing project for the deserving families of Sadaat and Non-Sadaat.  In our first phase, we are building twenty apartments half of which are ready for immediate delivery and the other half in the next three months. Our 2nd and 3rd phase includes 180 more apartments in Karachi.  Our cost to have these built is $12K and $14K for one and two bedrooms respectively.  The first phase houses are located in Burhani Garden, Malir near Imambargah, Masjid, and a TCF school, in close vicinity of Jaffar Tayyar Imambaargah.  Momineen can support by donating for a part or whole unit, may designate for Eisal to their murhoomeen, and or use their Khums donation, both Imam and Sadaat.

We’ll Find You a Perfect place

Our priority is the future of our beloved orphan children and their upbring in a most prosporious environment providing them opportunites to become the world leaders.

Saviour builds homes for boys & girls in Islamabad


Our committment to the families of martyrs

 Since 2001 Saviour is instrumental in supporting the families of martyrs.  Today in addition to supporting Shaheed Foudation, Pakistan, Saviour uses extensive networking to reach out the noble families of martyrs, their orphans and widows.



Educating our children and youth leads to better leaders in our community

Committment and investment in educating our children as well as youth to explore opportunities for higher education.  Financial supports to school catering low income families along with Scholarship for higher education.


Gift of Water

We focus on three areas i.e. cities, districts, and villages.  Within cities such as Karachi and Hyderabad, the focus is on installation f filtration & RO pants to provide clean drinking water to schools, orphanages, masajids, clinics and hospitals.  Most devastating areas such as Thar, the need is for water wells as they go deep down 400 feet.  For places such as Dadu, Ranipur, etc installing the hand pumps suffice for most cases.  The cost to carryon a project ranges from few hundred to about four thousand dollars for digging in a water well.

Our Partners & Sponsors

  • I.M.A.M.
  • Al Khoei
  • Abuzar Trust
  • Khadija Academy
  • Al Asr Foundation
  • Al-Mansoor Corp.
  • Al Mustafa Welfare
  • Al- Abbas 
  • Al Anwar Al Najafia
  • Al Balagh Organization
  • Asgharia Education
  • Bilal Mission
  • Citizen Social Welfare
  • Friends of Education
  • Hope for rise
  • Hussaini Foundation
  • Indus sRural Devlopment
  • Islamic Alliance
  • Al Saba Islamic
  • Masoomeen Welfare 
  • Pak Medical & trust
  • Shifa internation hospital
  • Step forward Welfare
  • IZA Hospital

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