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Martyrs families:

As our pledge with Imam Zaman ajtf, we ought to be standing strong in supporting those and their families who have sacrificed their lives for the love of Ahlul Bait a.s.  Let us ALL come together and combine our resources to serve these beautiful souls.

Meet the family of Shaheed living in Rawalpindi

You endure pain the moment you enter this house.  Halfway finished on a 60 year lot.  Don’t seem to have funds to complete the construction.  One room and a bathroom.  Kitchen is out in Varanda/hallway.  Tears pour out when you sit down and talk to this noble families.  Please view the entire clip.

Another family living in Karachi

Family has two young daughters follwing complete Islamic living.  Son was martyred during Chelum bombing.  Father has issues with eye sight but with full of strength and a trust in Allah subhan O Tallah, tries to cope with the loss.  Had the opportunity to meet them in 2017.  Family is so much thankful for the support by the community.

Saviour USA supports the families of Shohada throughout Pakistan. In addition, we extend our support for medical and marriages to families through our network of volunteers and other esteemed organizations.  We stay put to provide whatever resources are needed to help these families.

In addition to monthly assistance, we support orphanages housing the Orphans of Shohada.  Currently, we fully support Al Mustafa homes and Al-Zahra homes for girls in Islamabad, and partially supports other orphanages in surrounding areas including Taxila, and Parachinar.

We have also acquired land to build future education and boarding complexes for these orphans.  Inshallah, this will start soon, once we get the necessary permission and certification.

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